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ThermAir Vials

Bibliographic Evidence AvailableClass IIMedical Device

Medical device based on salsobromoiodic thermal water and hyaluronic acid; an adjuvant in the treatment of rhinitis and inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

Therm Air is a medical device dispensed in solution for aerosol treatment, nasal showers and nasal washes, intended for adults (5 ml vials) and children (2 ml vials). Its natural formulation is designed to protect the respiratory tract and facilitate the physiological removal of nasal secretions.

The salsobromoiodic thermal water helps regulate secretions and the serous component of the mucus, stimulating trophism in the mucous membranes and reducing local edema.
Hyaluronic acid promotes the repair and regeneration of the mucosa, forming a film with a shielding, moisturizing effect.

The formula contains glyceric extract of Chamomile, a pleasant-smelling humectant, and a sweetener to enhance the taste for pediatric use.

10 disposable vials of 5ml
20 disposable vials of 2ml

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pleasant smell and sweet taste
for aerosol therapy, showers and nasal washes