Licensing / Product Portfolio

Pharcomed offers a portfolio of products already developed and available for worldwide distribution and licensing agreements; such portfolio consists of a wide range of products: pharmaceutical products, medical surgical aids, medical devices, food supplements and cosmetics. The product portfolio covers a wide range of therapeutic areas: respiratory, gynecological, gastrointestinal, proctological / urological, dermatological / aesthetic, oculistic / ophthalmology and other therapeutic areas.
The mission of Pharcomed Licensing is to increase the company’s international visibility by penetrating international markets with its range of products through collaboration with our strategic partners for the distribution of products under our brands or under the distributor’s brands.

Pharcomed is able to provide a wide range of services to its customers with the aim of accelerating the time to market of the licensed products in the reference markets.

We are able to support our customers with all the regulatory activities necessary to register the licensed products in the reference markets, providing analyzes and documentation aligned with the requirements of the reference countries.

We can transfer our know-how and experience on the licensed product portfolio to our customers to support them in the positioning and marketing of the licensed products.

Product Portfolio

Thanks to constant research and innovation, Pharcomed has available a large product portfolio characterized by complex and high quality formulations, developed to deal with specific problems and to obtain, with each intake, the maximum benefit for the final consumer.

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