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Decon Lavanda

Bibliographic Evidence AvailableClass II AMedical Device

Adjuvant treatment for Irritation and inflammation in the vagina. Decon Vaginal Douche is a CE certified medical device with an effective filming effect on the vaginal mucosa, which creates a physiologically active environment for protection against pathogens. It successfully removes unwanted secretions such as those present after menstruation or sexual intercourse, or residues of topical medications following local treatment.

Decon Vaginal Douche contains sodium hyaluronate and aloe vera, whose film-forming and moisturizing properties promote the process of cell regeneration and help relieve typical symptoms of vaginal discomfort.
The formulation also contains lactic acid, which is found naturally in the vaginal environment and facilitates the rapid adjustment of pH that is indispensable to the health of the vaginal microflora.

Decon Vaginal Douche helps to relieve irritation, burning and itching, and also restores the correct pH and hydration of the vaginal mucosa. It helps to safeguard the vaginal ecosystem and prevent annoying symptoms that appear in case of vaginitis and vaginosis. It is also recommended for women going through the menopause, to restore the physiology of the vagina and relieve dryness.

5 x 150ml and 5 applicators

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Rose parfume
Based on Sodium hyaluronate and Aloe vera