Cromovit Forte

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Is indicated in problems related to vitiligo both localized and generalized, in post-inflammatory hypochromia and in the consequences of disease such as pityriasis.

The formulation contains piperine in liposomial form, which consists of a nano-technology able to carry piperine at basal level, making it available to melanocytes and therefore able to ensure a much more active stimulation of melanocytic proliferation, without any side effect, as happenes with the use of topical steroids. In addition to piperine, there is a complex of antioxidant substances which activates sirtuin, thus tacling premature ageing.
The cream also acts in the stimulation of pigmentation thanks to the presence of phenylalanine and folic acid in liposomal form. it also contains beta-sitosterol which guarantes the reduction of photoinduced erythema.

40 ml

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piperine in liposomial form
dermatologically tested