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Liposkin Mask

Class II AMedical DeviceSpontaneous Post Marketing Study

It is indicated for the treatment of acne, particularly papulopustular acne, as an adjuvant in the normalization and repair of the skin.

LIPOSKIN MASK contains PVA, which enable it to form a peel-off mask that helps to protect skin damaged by acne from external infection, also due to the effect of a distinctive polysaccharide. It helps the normalization process by creating an optimal enviroment for the repair of acne lesions. The special formulation also successfully hydrates the skin due to the presence of extremosio (liposomal trehalose) restoring the sensation of well-being in the skin.
It also contains myo-inositol that contrasts peripheral hyperandrogenism and teflose that inhibits bacaterial af lesion to the skin.

15 sachets of 5ml

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