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Ipolac Spray

Bibliographic Evidence AvailableClass IMedical Device

Liposomal Eyelid Spray for Dry and Irritated Eyes.
Medical device based on Liposomes containing Trehalose and on Jojoba Oil and Terpinen-4-olo (active component of natural oils such as Tea tree oil), indicated for irritation of the eyelid area which often accompanies dry eyes, blepharitis and other common eye diseases. After product application, a pleasant sensation of well-being is immediately perceived.

The formulation is able to restore the lipid component of the epidermis eyelid and maintains the correct hydration. The recovery of hydrolipidic balance resolves the symptoms of burning and itching of the eyelid and thus reduces the swelling and edema resulting from continuous chafing of the sore eyelid.
The spray formulation allows uniform application of the product on the eye surface without the need for direct contact.


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