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Class II AMedical DeviceSpontaneous Post Marketing Efficacy Study

Fotoker promotes the improvement of the manifestations of actinic keratosis; prevents and repairs the photo induced damage DNA (Light CPDs) and UVA induced apoptosis reduction

FOTOKER contains photoliasis, a monomeric flavoenzyme capable of repearing the damage caused by exposure to UVB. The photoliaises extracted from Anacystis nidulans in liposomal formulation, is able to effectively repair thymine dimers by means of catalyc photocycle, called photoreactivation, which uses the energy of visible light in the blues spectrum.
Tripeptide 33 is able to defend from the indirect oxidative damage induced to DNA by UVA rays.
The formulation is enriched with selective sunscreens.

50 ml

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photoliasis in liposomial form
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