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Fitointimo Vaginal Washing with Magaldrate

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Fitointimo Vaginal Douche contains Magaldrate, a substance with known cytoprotective properties, Sodium hyaluronate and Aloe vera which, thanks to their filmogenic and protective properties, promote the process of cell regeneration and help to improve the typical symptoms of vaginal discomfort. The formulation also contains Lactic acid, normally present in the vaginal environment, to favour an immediate regulation of the pH, an indispensable condition for the health of vaginal microflora.

Fitointimo VAGINAL DOUCHE is useful in relieving irritation, burning and itching, and in improving the pH and hydration of the vaginal mucosa. It helps to protect the vaginal ecosystem and prevent the annoying symptoms that arise with the various forms of vaginitis and vaginosis. It is also recommended for menopausal women to restore the physiology of the vaginal environment and reduce the symptoms of vaginal dryness. Fitointimo VAGINAL DOUCHE does not replace medical therapy but represents a useful complementary product.

4 x 100ml and 4 applicators

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Rose parfume
with magaldrate, sodium hyaluronate and aloe vera