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Fitoialo Spray

Bibliographic Evidence AvailableClass II AMedical Device

Nasal Spray for common cold and sinusitis, Protection and hydration of the nasal mucosa and Restores the nasal physiological conditions.

Active ingredients: VegetalIALO® is obtained through a patented fermentation process starting from a lactic acid bacterium on a vegetable substrate. Thanks to its high capacity of hydration keeps elastic tissue and promotes cell renewal and rejuvenation.
Drosera has a spasmolytic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory activity on bronchial level. It is effective in case of coughing, bronchitis and asthma.
Echinacea Angustifoglia has Immunity stimulation activity following a viral or bacterial attack with Cortical-similar action effective as preventive treatment and in the acute stage of a cough and a cold.
Seawater in hypertonic solution for adults have a decongestant action encouraging mucus production.
Wild Thyme have a Selective antibacterial activity on staphylococcus aureus and pseudomonas aeruginosa with expectorant action.
Grapefruit seeds have selective antibacterial and antiviral activity (A2-Aichi-2-68 influenza virus). It is effective on a common cold and viral and bacterial sinusitis.


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Gluten free
Delicate Spray
Free FROM ADDED PRESERVATIVES, propellants, PEG and Alcohol