CosmeticWith Clinical Evidence

Thanks to the presence of Ciclopirox and salicylic acid, it allows to normalize the microbial flora of the surface part and, consequently, to reduce the most annoying epidermic sensations. Due to its components such as gluconate zinc and nicotinamide it exercises a sebum-normalizing and soothing action to the scalp. The product eases the removal of the scales.

Ciclopiroxolamine has fungistatic, fungicidal and bacteriostatic action.
Zinc Gluconate has antibacterial, cicatrizing, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory,
sebum-fluidifying and protective properties against P. acnes resistant to erythromycin and is important in assisting the regeneration of skin tissues.
Nicotinamide counteracts the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines and leukocyte chemotaxis.
Enables restoration of the skin barrier function. In synergy with Zinc, enhances its adjuvant anti-inflammatory properties.
Capsaicin relieves itching and is a capillary stimulant.
Salicylic acid has a keratolytic, desquamating and antimicrobial action.
The product has a softening and silking effect on the hair due to the presence of d-Panthenol.


Richiedi Informazioni
Dermatologically tested
Parfum free
Without parabens
Nickel tested