Colestarmony plus

Food Supplement

Contributes to maintain the normal blood Cholesterol levels.

Dietary supplement based on CURCUred®, complex developed in our laboratories (composed of the synergistic association of Red yeast rice, Berberine Bio-Sol® and Artichoke), Coenzyme Q10 and dry pomegranate extract.

Berberine Bio-Sol® performs a selective action on LDL cholesterol and reduces the blood sugar and cholesterol levels with a synergistic action with the Monacolin’s contained in Red Yeast Rice. Berberine Bio-Sol® guarantees Faster effectiveness, Absorption 5.6 times higher at the intestinal level after 60 minutes and a better tolerability in the stomach (thanks to the liposome protection).

Artichoke is useful for the metabolism of lipids.

Pomegranate extract has an antioxidant action on LDL Cholesterol.

2 formats available:
20 tablets of 1.13g
60 tablets of 1.13g

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Gluten free
Citrinin free