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Oftalderm wipes

Bibliographic Evidence AvailableClass I SterileMedical Device

It is a medical device which can be used for the cleansing of eyelids and eyelashes in any situation which requires an effective and gentle sanitizing action at the same time.

OFTALDERM® WIPES is made of soft towel soaked in a creamy formulation that makes more comfortable the moment of application and allows the removal of scaly residues, mucus and of any drug residues or make-up products. The plant extracts, with their emollient action, contained within the cream moisturize and refresh the eye area by providing relief in case of irritation.
The product is particularly useful for hygiene in cases of high sensitivity of the eye area, for example following ophthalmic surgery or in the presence of inflammatory and irritative phenomena of eyelid typically associated with secretion. The wipes can be used by contact lenses wearers.

16 disposable creamy wipes

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