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Myo-Ac is a food supplement of Myo-inositol, Nicotinamide and Folic acid with sweetener.

The product is indicated in subjects with mild and moderate acne. It can be useful in patients with juvenile acne, both male and female, in acne caused by PCOS and in cases of metabolic syndrome and LOA.
At a topical level, myo-inositol acts, most likely, as an inhibitor of specific cytochromes, counteracting topical hyperandrogenism and normalizing it.
Nicotinamide has an anti-inflammatory action and restores the skin barrier.
Folic acid regulates homocysteine levels. Quatrefolic is a salt of glucosamine 5 methyltetrahydrofolate (5-MTHF), which is the active form of folic acid.

20 sachets of 4,7g

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Gluten free
No added sugar