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It is a supplement extracts with Vitamina D3 whith L-Lisina, extracts of Uncaria and Erica 5 billions of Bifidobacterium lactis UABla-12™, Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS®-1, useful to fill the nutritional deficiencies or increased needs of these nutrients.

The Vitamina D3 contributes to the normal functions of the immune system, it modulates skin-level synthesis of atimicrobial peptides such as cathelicidins, plays a key role in driving memory T cells to the skin and promotes epidermal cell differentiation.
Uncaria is useful for the natural defenses of the organism. The immunomodulating activity is related to the presence of pentacyclic oxindole alkaloids that cause both an increase in phagocytosis of granulocytes and macrophages and a block of the proliferation of myeloid cell lines. The POA also stimulates endothelial cells to release regulatory factors that increase the proliferation of T and B lympocytes.
Calunna vulgaris showed a significant antioxidant and immomodulating effect on innate and adaptative immunity.
Lysine has an antiviral activity.

15 vials of 10ml

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Gluten free