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Fitoallergy Spray

Bibliographic Evidence AvailableClass I AMedical Device

Nasal Spray for Allergic rhinitis with sea water and herbal extracts.

VEGETALIALO® is obtained through a patented fermentation process starting from a lactic acid bacterium on a vegetable substrate. Thanks to its high capacity of hydration keeps elastic tissue and promotes cell renewal and rejuvenation.
Adhatoda Vasica has an important anti-inflammatory activity.
Bibliographic References: “Study of alkaloids from Adhatoda vasica Nees on their antiinflammatory activity”.
Perilla has an important anti allergic activity related to flavonoides and rosmarinic acid.
Drosera has a decongestant and anti-inflammatory activity.
Red tea has an antioxidant activity.
Sea water has a decongestant action.


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Free from preservatives, propellants, PEG and Alcohol
Delicate spray
Gluten free