Deltacrin WNT Spray

CosmeticPost Marketing Efficacy Study

Alcohol-free formula that addresses the main causes of hair thinning and strengthens the hair shafts.
Deltacrin WNT can also be used together with other hair treatments.
It is indicaded for androgenetic alopecia and areated alopecia.

DELTACRIN SPRAY is able to counteract hair loss and improve the condition of the hair shaft.
Methyl vanillate is a natural active ingredient present in the stalk of raisins (Huvenia dulcis Thunb) able to promote the activation of the wnt pathway in a dose-dependent manner.

Trehalose and manganese protect the keratins in the hair follicle, favouring the correct folding and preventing denaturation.

Extract of Nasturtium officinale and Tropaeolum majus stimulates and prolungs hair growth and strenghtens hair from roots. It provides the elements needed to produce keratin for solid, well-structured hair and helps initiate hair regeneration via WNT Pathway.
Carnitine acts as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant in the hair follicle.


Richiedi Informazioni
Dermatologically tested
alcohol free
non greasy
easy tu use spray form