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Strengthening and sebum balancing cosmetic adjuvant for hair and scalp irregularities.
Furthermore, this product has an antiradical activity and contains an ingredient that regulates the surface microbial flora.

Thanks to its components the product acts on androgenetic alopecia: Serenoa and Cucurbita inhibit the enzime 5-α-reductase, thus reducing the production of dihydrotestosterone. Isoflavones perform their antiandrogenic action by reducing free testosterone levels.
Terpineol acts as an antifungal.
It also has a great antioxidant capacity and a specific antifungal action against P. ovalis. The first is ensured by the presence of vitamin C, which effectively counteracts the free radicals found at the base of the follicle and which are at the basis of deep inflammatory phenomena that stress the hair and accelerate its fall.

10 vials of 8ml

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Dermatologically tested